The Anatomy of A New Patient Appointment


Enter The Clinic / Hand in filled out paperwork

When you first enter the office, you will hand in your New Patient Paperwork to the front desk assistant. Once the staff is prepared to bring you back, you will be taken into the treatment room.


During the initial part of your appointment, the doctor will ask you detailed questions regarding the history and nature of your current injury. It is important to the speed of your healing process that you try to give the doctor as much information as you can about your current injury. The better you can answer these questions, the easier it will be for your doctor to provide optimal service and help you reach your goals.


Detailed Examination

At EverAthlete, it's most important to us that you get the care that you need, whether it be with us or another specialist. Therefore, the next part of your visit will involve a detailed physical examination of the areas involved with your injury. During the next of your visit, we figure out whether or not you are fit for our services or need to go see another practitioner/specialist. This is determined through Orthopedic, Neurologic, Strength and Rang of motion, and other

Functional Assessments


Some of the Functional Assessments involve movement screens that give us a baseline evaluation of the way that you move. Through this knowledge we can evaluate the true root of your injury and effectively formulate a proper treatment plan.


Diagnostic Treatment

Following your examination, our doctor will treat you with appropriate conservative methods including: Soft tissue therapy with Active Release Technique and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue treatment using tools and techniques similar to Graston, Chiropractic Adjustments when needed and condoned by the patient, Kinesiology Taping, Therapeutic Stretches, and Corrective Exercises.



Once initial treatment has been administered there will be a re-assessment to evaluate any change in your range of motion, strength, or pain levels.


Active Care Plan

Following your Re-assessment, your doctor will discuss any assignment of Active Care with At-Home stretches or excercises to supplement your treatment in the office.


Recovery Timeline

Your Doctor will finally discuss a timeline for your recovery and schedule a follow-up visit if necessary. Most often, follow-up visits will be scheduled within the next 7-10 to allow for proper monitoring and administration of treatment for your injury.

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