We Want You To Understand Our Process

We know that getting medical advice when dealing with an injury can be a very confusing and frustrating situation for many people. It is incredibly important to us that our process and procedures in helping our patients are clear and concise. Below is a summary of what a new patient can expect when they enter our clinic and the reasoning behind why we evaluate and treat the way we do.

During this part of our process, we use detailed examinations to determine if our care is

best suited for your injury or condition.


Should You Be In Our Office?

If any of the tests mentioned above indicate that you may need further testing or that there may be another specialist who could better meet your needs, we will do one of three things:

Now that we have determined that we can best serve you, it's time to dig deeper into what is wrong, how we can fix it, and how we can prevent it from ever coming back



Continued Evaluation And Treatment

During this portion of the exam we continue the evaluation process with the intention of uncovering the specific tissue or movement pattern that is dysfunctional. We analyze whether or not your Injury could actually be caused by dysfunction in other areas of the body. An example of this would be a correlation we often find between low back pain and a lack of mobility of the hips. If we found a situation such as this, we would progress with treatment by not only treating the low back directly, but also restoring proper motion and health to the hips.


Problem Identification


During our Explanation of Findings, we explain to our patient what we have found to be the dysfunctional tissue or movement pattern. We then describe the treatment options that could be most effective in promoting the fastest healing. We know that being in a treatment room while in pain and undergoing multiple examinations can be confusing and uncomfortable for some people. Our goal through this is to empower our patients by helping them understand the process and the reason behind the way that we treat.


Explanation of Findings


During our Diagnostic Treatment we direct specific therapy at the specific tissue(s) that we found to be dysfunctional. The goal through this treatment is to directly effect the test results found previously during The Problem Identification phase of evaluation. We deliver treatment that is meant to be specific to your needs based on the results of your evaluation.


Diagnostic Treatment


Following our diagnostic treatment, we re-evaluate the dysfunctional tissue or movement pattern to assess the effectiveness of our treatment. This element of our process is incredibly important because it gives us an indication of whether we need to continue with or modify our treatment plan to promote a faster, more effective recovery.




At the end of the appointment, we give a brief summary of what we found during evaluation and treatment. We also speak with our patient about their Recovery To Performance Timeline along with factors that could shorten or prolong the process of healing. Finally, The Doctor will prescribe any At-Home Stretches or Exercises that will help supplement treatment and speed recovery time.


Discussion of Game Plan

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