With our team of elite trainers, we deliver the 1-on-1 help you need to move, feel, and perform better.

Personal Training

Need a workout customized specifically to your goals? We have an excellent team of trainers that can help you take on any challenge. We provide 1-on-1 training in 30-minute and 1-hour options. Rates are variable based on package and trainer. Please fill out the form below to get your journey started.

Personal Training Process

1. Contact us for your introductory session

2. One of our therapists will take you through a detailed intake and movement screen to set intentions for your training, find out where you may be lacking strength, stability, mobility, and match you with the right trainer.

3. You get matched with one of our elite trainers and start crushing your goals.

Personal Training + Therapy Combo

Got a nagging injury and still want to train? Sometimes, the most frustrating thing about rehab is that people feel helpless when it comes to continuing their workout plan. We now offer 1/2 hands-on therapy (massage / ART / Chiropractic) and 1/2 training combo appointments with our qualified practitioners. This is a great way to continue training while your body heals.


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